giovedì 2 dicembre 2010

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 changed the average internet surfer from passive consumer to active participant. The level of participating can vary from simple rating or voting through blogs and galleries to creative learning communities.
Web 2.0 is about sharing your ideas and opinios. It's about open source applications and free tools for everybody. It's about giving and getting.
Web 2.0 supports the idea of an active and creative learner. As tools for collaboration make the learning process visible, the focus changes from the product to the process. And thus, the teacher's role changes from a distributor of knowledge to a guide on the path of learning and understanding.
Web 1.0 is one-wayWeb 2.0 is two-way
Web 1.0 is authoritarianWeb 2.0 is democratic
Web 1.0 is passiveWeb 2.0 is active
Web 1.0 is hierarchicalWeb 2.0 is network
Web 1.0 is staticWeb 2.0 is dynamic
Web 1.0 is read-only contentWeb 2.0 is user-generated content
Web 1.0 is about companiesWeb 2.0 is about communities
Web 1.0 is about client-serverWeb 2.0 is about peer-to-peer
Web 1.0 is about lecturesWeb 2.0 is about conversation
Web 1.0 is closedWeb 2.0 is collaborative

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